What can I do to ensure the best setup experience for my Polk Omni product?

Before you begin:

1. Verify that your router is compatible with the Polk Omni System. For router specs / suggestions, please take a look at the question, "What are the recommended Wi-Fi routers and specifications?"

2. If your router is dual band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), verify that BOTH network names (SSID's) are visibly different. We suggest putting 5G at the beginning of the 5 GHz SSID name to easily identify them (ex. "Johns Network" (for 2.4 GHz) and "5G Johns Network" (for 5 GHz).

3. If your router supports QoS (Quality of Service) make sure that it is turned on in your router settings. This allows your router to prioritize connections to devices which use larger amounts of data. Refer to your routers setup guide or Internet Provider for details on how to change this setting.

4. Make sure that DLNA support is turned on in your router. Refer to your router's setup guide or Internet Provider for details on how to change this setting.

5. Be sure to have your network name(s) (SSID's) and the password handy prior to setting up your Omni product.

6. If you plan to use Pandora, Tidal, or iHeart Radio services, make sure to have these passwords handy as well. If you do not have an account, you can create one once the system is set up.

7. We suggest setting up your new Omni product close to your router to make sure that you have a proper connection. Once your Omni product is setup, you can move it without haivng to repeat the setup process.

About the setup button:

The setup button is only used to initally connect your Omni product to your router. Once the setup process is completed and the white WiFi light is solid, you should not have to press this button again. If you are having trouble connecting to a speaker, please take a look at the question, "How do I set up my device for either iOS or Android?" for troubleshooting help. [link:]

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